Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Etsy For Your Baby, Boy Or Girl!

My last post, was about two brand new little lives, one a baby boy and one a baby girl. So I thought would make an esty collection for each baby. Then I further challenged myself to see if I could bring two different collections, one for boys, one for girls but using each etsy store twice. It was a little difficult finding great stuff from the same seller in both boys and girls stuff.
But here they are.

From top left:
MyLittleOogaBooga, aprilscott, norajane.
wildthingsofnoosa, AureliaandAnnalise, neverenoughhours.
citefuzz, AppleBlossomBaby, colbylanedesigns
all .etsy.com
all images from the etsy stores listed above


Kate said...

Two great collections!

Rach said...

Hello again, it is funny how we end up places on blogs! I found you via Belinda Graham who I found when visiting Apartmenttherapy.com I was surprised that Belinda lives in the same part of the world as me and then I was just checking out her links and found your lovely blog.

Cute - you have just included some bloomers by my friend from Wild Things of Noosa!

Selina said...

Thank you for visiting my store,Wild Things of Noosa!

Bianca said...

thanks soooo much for such a love featre with my baby shoes included!!!:)
Bianca at Aurelia & Annalise

Cite Fuzz said...

You did a beautiful job with the items you picked. A few of my fav. are in there. :)

Blossom Toys said...

Thanks the mention!! What a wonderful mix of items you have chosen -- I am honored to be included along side some my favorites on etsy.

belinda graham said...

such a great collection. You're in trouble though cause that means I'm going shopping. again!

Jenny said...

Great post - I spy lots of my faves too! Thank you so much for adding our bibs. :)

April said...

Thanks so much for including me!