Saturday, June 21, 2008

Love Your Baby The Baby Love Way

The best piece of literature I purchased when tyler was born, was Baby Love by Robin Barker. More of a reference guide than an everyday read from front to back book. Almost everything you need to know about the first twelve months of your babies life.

I would look up sticky eye, read a paragraph and I’m done, two days later no more sticky eye. What I liked about the no nonsense, cut the real purpose of the book in the first place, was that it gave you the answer to the question you were asking or reassured you that you were doing it right or your suspicions were correct. Really eased a mind, that was frayed, well beyond tired and too proud to ask a friend or relative about certain topics.

Chapter Titles
Birth to 3 Months
Preparing for Parenthood
More Than One Baby
Premature and Small Babies
Doing it Alone - Sole Parents
Choosing Baby Products
Breastfeeding Your Baby For The First Two Weeks
Bottle Feeding Your Baby After the First Two Weeks
Early Worries and Queries
Daily Care
SafetyGrowth and Development
Sleeping and Waking in the First Six Months
The Crying Baby
For Parents
3 to 12 Months
EquipmentFeeding Your Baby
Common Worries and Queries
Growth and DevelopmentS
afetyFor Parents
Sleeping and Waking Six Months and Beyond
Becoming a Toddler
Percentile Charts
Conversion Chart

Defiantly a must have for any new parent.

Praised on baby forums across the world wide web

Reader statements say – “ I cant live without” “Answers almost every question paranoid and obsessive first time parents might have” “This book has been an absolute godsend”

Even listed as essential reading on Essential Baby

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