Sunday, June 8, 2008

Whats Good For Baby - Product Review

Product Review - Rafferty's Garden Breakfast Cereal

When looking for a healthy start to J’s eating life, I read that brown rice cereal is better than white for your babies undeveloped tummy, I also wanted to start organic, even though I knew this was not going to be a life long thing, I still wanted to delay or reduce chemicals in J’s diet.

That is when I found Rafferty’s Garden Organic Baby Rice Cereal with extra iron, and the best thing it was in the supermarket, which meant no extra stops (which we all avoid with young ones) or online ordering. They are really well priced, under $2 for 125g, they have a zip lock top, on a foiled pouch, which stands up nicely in the pantry no matter how empty, and if your in a hurry you can chuck the whole pouch in the nappy bag and not worry about it staying upright, or the bag tearing.

With no added sugar or salt
No lactose or milk products
No artificial flavors, colours or preservatives
Wheat free and good source of iron
Made from brown rice, sunflower lecithin and electrolytic iron.

In the beginning, we just mixed it with formula, but after we had introduced vegetables mixed with the cereal and cooled boiled water for a while, I added one ice cube of steamed pear, and cooled boiled water for lunch, keeping breakfast as normal.

Then after some time had pasted and we were ready to start adding a tad bit of gluten into his diet, we introduced the Multigrain breakfast with extra iron in the breakfast time slot. The multigrain cereal has 50% whole oat flour, 30% brown rice, 20% stabilized rice bran, sunflower lecithin and electrolytic iron. It is a little thicker in consistency than the rice cereal.
Below J models the Baby rice cearal and multigrain breakfast

Good for baby and super easy for mum


Image #1 from Rafferty Garden

Image #2 my own

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