Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cheeky Little Soles

Cheeky Little Soles have the best shoes for your babies feet and your reputation as a hip mum, excellent for pre and post those precious first steps, (that I am still waiting for.) With their super soft leather sole, and funky designs, they will rock your world. And I love the word play with the branding.

Lisa also keeps a blog, which you can find here

How Cheeky Little Soles began...
Cheeky Little Soles was created by Australian Mum Lisa Koba, early in 2005. Lisa searched for a way to keep her 6 month old daughters socks on and to stop her from slipping on their floorboards at home in her early attempts at learning to stand.
Lisa saw a gap in the market for top quality, stylish and reasonably priced soft soled leather baby shoes, not one to sit back, she set about designing her own range.
After many months of research, designing and sourcing, the first range of Cheeky Little Soles baby shoes emerged onto the market. The response to the range, both from customers and retailers, was fantastic, Mums and bubs throughout Australia and New Zealand just adored Cheeky Little Soles.
As the word spread about Cheeky Little Soles so did the range of products available. Cheeky Little Soles has developed into a unique range of Australian designed leather footwear specifically tailored for babies and toddlers.
All the Cheeky Little Soles products have been tried and tested by infants, toddlers and Mums.

The above words in grey and images were extracted from their website, i couldnt rewrite it any better


Anonymous said...

Hi Chantal,

Thanks for featuring Cheeky Little Soles! We love our shoes and so glad you do too.

Stay tuned as we have some super cute additions to be release shortly.

Thanks again for your support.

Lisa Koba

belinda graham said...

LOVE Cheeky Little Soles. Zak wore his till they wore holes in the soles (which took months and months of wearing them every single day I might add) but I still can't bear to part with them cause they're so cute. He wears them around the house now as slippers!