Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Must Know Information For Every Parent

An alarming 70% of child restraints are not installed correctly. In an accident you increase the chance of serious injury or death to your child. Have your car seats fitted by a professional and get them to teach you how to do it.

Regularly check the restraint, and ensure the seat belt and tether strap are not twisted or loose, or even unbuckled.

Adjust the fitting on your car seat so it grows with your child. Car seats with side wings protect your child better than those without.

RACV recommends that your child remain in a age/weight appropriate car restraint until they are 7 years old or 26 kilos

RACV’s latest Child Restraint Evaluation Program (CREP) test results demonstrate that not all child restraints are created equal. SEE HERE

RACV tested restraints in three categories; Rearward-facing restraints for babies, Forward-facing restraints for young children and Booster seats for older children. The restraints were rated according to how well they protect your child in a crash and how easy they are to use.

The car seats that ranked as exceptional crash protection and well above the AS/NZ standards

Rearward facing restraints for babies up to 9kg
From birth to 6 months

Safe-n-sound compaq
Baby safety capsule
Safe-n-sound compaq deluxe
IGC GoSafe Cleo

Forward Facing restraints for young children from 8-18 kilos
From 6-9 months until approximately 5 years

Unfortunaley none of the forward facing reach as far as exceptional but the top 3 were
Safe-n-sound Series 3
Safe-n-sound Meridian
Safe-n-sound Explorer

Boosterseats for older children from 14-26 kilos
Until they are large enough to be safely secured by an adult seatbelt

The only booster seat that reached exceptional was
Infa Vario Kid
The two next best boosters
Hipod Barcelona
Safe-n-sound Explorer (with anti submarining clip

Image 1 & 2 From Britax

Image 3 from Infa

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