Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Let Me Count The Ways

100 Ways to Calm the Crying
Pinky Mckay
Product Review, By Erin

This book has been a godsend for me.

What on earth does a new mother do with a crying baby??!! Not only did I read this for my first child, but have pulled it off the shelf again for my second.

Pinky’s reassuring, nurturing and positive approach empowered me as a parent and gave me confidence to do what really does just come naturally, but because you get so much conflicting advice from other sources, it is great to always come back to this little book.

It’s my parenting bible!

From the first sentence of this book, I felt I was on the right track - 'Here is a book that is down-to-earth, warm and unlike many other books that deal with crying, respects babies.' In addition to this, Pinky points out that 'Comforting will not spoil your baby.'

She says "There is no sense in entering a power struggle with your baby over natural functions such as sleeping and eating. By not responding to her signals, the only things that are being 'spoilt' are your relationship with your baby and your own self-confidence."

And in the chapter titled 'Blessings', there's this little gem "As you sit and rock your baby, instead of becoming restless about unfinished work, look deeply into those trusting eyes and ask yourself how much these things would matter if your child were taken from you tomorrow."

Each chapter deals with an aspect of crying and tips to calm the crying:
· little night howls
· hunger
· tummy pains
· nappy rash
· breastfeeding
· walking the floor
· soothing sounds
· over-stimulation
· creating diversions
· baby massage
· lactose intolerance
· food allergies/intolerances
· reflux/colic
· from womb to room
· coping (and not coping)

The perfect companion book to 'Sleeping Like a Baby' (we recommend you buy both books), '100 Ways to Calm the Crying' explains why babies cry, from normal developmental changes to more painful conditions such as colic and reflux.

Along the way, Pinky offers practical tips how to:Calm and connect with your baby cope with crying and sleepless nights, Identify symptoms that may require professional help.

RRP $24.95 AU available from pinky mckay

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