Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Newbies - Baby Feeding Journal

The newbies feeding journal is what every first mum needs to keep a track of feeding times, which side she last fed, poo’s & wee’s. a handy section to jot down appointments, first mums group details and a few pages of table to write instructions when you leave baby with grandma.
And the best part is the back section, a table to record all sorts of things like first smile, first time sat up and more importantly, when you start to feed baby and have to introduce foods gradually to ensure there are no allergies or intolerances. This section is not prompted by questions just a table where you can record the dates of the events that matter most to you.

When my BFF had her baby she kept asking me “when did tyler first sleep thru the night” or “how was he when he got his first tooth” my response was always I don’t know. Truth was if I wanted to go through pages and pages of several normal every day week to page diaries I could have told her . if I had one of these I could have just pulled it out of my nappy bag and told her.
The journal is wire bound so they folds flat for easy writing.

They are a generous A5 (half a page) in size and also two additional internal covers so you can choose which section is more relevant at any particular time.

Available at newbies.

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