Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

Wow it is December already and nearly time for the holidays. I have already put up the Christmas tree, as you can tell I can not wait for Christmas. All the christmas drinks and dinner parties. I am now wondering why I put my hand up to host the annual dinner party we have with our friends at my house!!!! Not to worry I dont have to cook, thankfully we are having it catered by darriwill farm. Get your hamper's delivered from them, they are great.

My youngest, Jake is old enough now to really enjoy the spirit of christmas, as he was only 4 months old last year. Erin is also looking forward to her first christmas as a family of 4.

Look how mean I was to tyler last year, poor tyler was only meant to wear that santa outfit for when my mum arrived, but we got busy and he was left in it all day long. Sadly this will also be our first christmas without of beloved britney who you can see below among the carnage looking not all that phased about christmas.

For us, christmas is the gateway to our annual family holiday, at the crack of dawn on boxing day, we jump or rather crawl to the car and make our way to the river, where we spend a few weeks soaking up the rays on the bank, Erin and her family have been coming up the past few years and are now regulars on the banks. This year we both hope to have tyler and deacon up skiing on doubles.
If you would like to tell us how you will spend your magical chrismas this year, leave a comment also tell us what you think of our new christmas look at styled baby.

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