Wednesday, July 15, 2009

AIRWRAP - Safer than a Cot Bumper

Another new product is on its way - the fantabulous 'AIRWRAP'

AIRWRAP supersedes traditional cot bumpers with its breathable mesh fabric allowing maximum airflow, while protecting baby from knocks and tangling in the framework of the cot.
AIRWRAP’s thin collapsible fabric ensures it cannot be used as leverage to climb from the cot.
AIRWRAP fits most cots including larger brands like Boori. Use AIRWRAP Original for cots with rails on 4 sides and use AIRWRAP - SPS for cots with solid or fixed-ends.
AIRWRAP's padded breathable mesh is tested to world and local standards for breathability.

AIRWRAP - Features:
- Protects - against bumps and knocks
- Restricts - arms and legs from getting between cot rails
- Breathable - made from breathable padded mesh
- No Leverage - can be fitted to provide no leverage and reduce the climbing risk
- Easy-fit Velcro
- Can Sit Below Mattress Level - higher level of protection

So stay tuned.....

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