Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Belkiz Feedaway Pre-Purchase Yours Now

Styled Baby is pleased to announce that we are taking pre-purchase orders to the much anticipated Belkiz Feedaway due in store on December 18, just in time in Christmas if you pre order.

The Belkiz Feedaway is a cardboard portable feeding chair that can be used for temporary situations or where space is at a premium. It is cardboard, easy to assemble for toddlers up to 20 months of age up to 20kg who are away from home. Ideal for temporary and commercial use, the Belkiz Feedaway is safe, strong, folds up easily and quickly and stores away in a tiny space. Ideal for mobile and modern lifestyles.

The Belkiz Feedaway is a portable and lightweight version of the traditional feeding chair that can be pulled out for use as required and otherwise folded away flat, making it suitable for travelling and visiting where there is no baby/toddler feeding chair.

Belkiz Feedaway is ideal for parents, grandparents, friends and family on holiday, weekends away or sleep over’s.

Feedaway is made from recycled Visy cardboard, and comes with its own 3 point safety harness and recycled cardboard carry box that is strong enough to withstand the rigours of travel by car, train or airplane. Feedaway also fits in a large suitcase. The Belkiz Feedaway and carry box can be recycled after use.

The Belkiz Feedaway is economical, safe, easy to assemble temporary feeding chair that is environmentally considerate.

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