Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Was Your Favorite Baby Item?

I borrowed rockers for my first born, but was fortunately introduced the Baby Bjorn Baby Sitter 123 for my second by my dear friend Cherie, little Jacob could get it bouncing and spent many hours bouncing away on his own, creating his own soothing motion, instead of me having to rock it with my foot, like I did the first time around, trying to make sure I kept the rhythm even so I wouldn’t wake him if he dropped off.It has three click in positions, low, medium and high so it grows with your baby. Anti skid pads which work really well, almost verging on too well, There is no pushing it out of the way, you have break contact with the floor to move it. The baby bjorn has a reversible cover so you can change the look or hide little accidents. The toy wire is removable which is handy when you want to spoon feed your baby. They also spin around to keep them entertained. It folds flat for easy storage and transport.

Please tell us what your must have baby item was!!

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belinda graham said...

it's not the prettiest thing in the world but a lifesaver: a little star that plays lullabies and projects a moving picture onto the ceiling when it's dark. layla (and zak) stares at it and swiftly drifts off to sleep! x