Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coming Soon - ergoPouch Bamboo Sleep Bags

ergoPouch are just about to release 2 types bamboo sleep bags (bamboo fleece and bamboo sheeting), which are modelled on their existing alpaca sleep bags.

I have been lucky enough to have one (bamboo fleece) for around a week now. Jacob has been sleeping in it every night since in conjunction with ergoPouch’s bamboo pj’s and I have been getting an extra hour and half hours sleep out of him, and he has not woken once thru the night. And if you live in victoria you would know that we have had just about every season’s weather in the past week.

Retail $79.00 AU ( $51 USD - will ship)

They should be available any day now, Alina is just waiting for the final shipment to hit our shores. I do have 2 x 18-36 months and 1 x 9-18 months bags in stock at styledbaby if you cant wait .

Heres what ergoPouch have to say

Sleeping Better with Natural Fibres:
Sleeping with natural fibres, such as alpaca and bamboo , has long been known to give a better nights sleep, and now we know why. Natural fibres disperse
moisture from the skin, providing an even warmth and body temperature. Studies have consistently confirmed that sleeping comfort is highly dependent upon the
body achieving its own unique optimal temperature balance for a restful and revitalising nights sleep. If during the natural sleeping cycle, the body is too warm or
too cold, the human body will either consciously or subconsciously adjust its position in bed, thereby causing a disruption to the natural sleep cycle. All
ergopouch products contain natural fibres such as bamboo, alpaca or organic cotton to help babies sleep better.

Seamless Ergonomic Design
Endures the rigors of an active sleeper.
Developed with stretch inserts, fits snugly allowing your
baby to move freely without getting tangled and upset.
Double ended zipper for easy nappy access

Safe Sleeping
The ergopouch is strictly compliant with all safety regulations
and will assist with the prevention of SIDS
ErgoPouch Fabric Technology
Stays 2-3 degrees cooler in hot weather & warmer in cold
Naturally supersoft
Absorbs water 3-4 times better than cotton
Hypo-allergenic / Anti-bacterial / Anti-fungal / Anti-static
Eco Friendly made naturally - no pesticides, no chemicals
Resists dust and mites

Eco Friendly
Ergopouch use fabrics that are not only good for babies but good
forthe environment. No Chemicals or pesticides are used to make
our fabrics.

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